YOUR Bespoke Wedding

A bespoke service for you and your wedding.

Offering you a chance to create and design your very own collection of wedding signs for your special day, or to book in a slot for your table plan to be created. Which gives you the peace of mind that you have it booked in and can come back to me with the finished plan whenever you and your guests are ready. 

Even before a pandemic that meant we might be faced with number restrictions, having a plan nailed down months before a wedding day was no easy task, but even more so now, let me take that stress away, and make sure you rest easy knowing you will have a personalised and bespoke plan ready to greet those all important guests of yours.

You can book a slot ( which will be given to you as a month - at this point you will pay a £50 deposit to reserve that month ) when it comes to the beginning of your month slot, we will have that month where we can chat about what you would like, come up with some designs, and then begin making your product, and then by the end of that month you will have your wedding signs with you ready for your big day. 

At the beginning of the first week we will aim to have confirmation of what signs you would like, what they look like and how many, at that point the full balance will be paid ( minus the £50 deposit ). 

A photograph will be taken and sent of your finished signage before the finished signs are sent to you, you will then either confirm that they are correct and ready to send, or at that point if there are any changes that need to be made.

Unfortunately after you have received the signs you will not be able to change anything, and will have to book another slot (if available) as well as the price for a new sign.




Please email to book a slot.